The Financial Professional's Guide to Engaging The Next Generation

Running a financial practice is stressful. Besides the basics of business ownership, you have to work through compliance, marketing, keeping up with regulations and trends, and worrying about who and how the business will be handed off when you retire.

Whether it’s a family member or not, you are likely planning to eventually transfer your business to the next generation or sell it.

That doesn’t happen overnight. Getting all of your ducks in a row so you can do this well (for the sake of yourself and your clients) weighs on you and you worry you are not doing it right.To start with, every piece of UWAG is built on a philosophy of grow now so that we can transfer later. We practice what we preach every day.

As an affiliate partner, we provide the support and resources to grow these business now, and position them to either sell or transfer to the next generation (family of not) when they are ready.We know that together we can provide leverage, resources, and strength that none of us can do alone.

A UWAG affiliation provides access to:

• industry leading products

• marketing support, tools and resources

• education & training

• industry experience and coaching for every level of professionals

• custom framework for selling or transferring the business to the next generation

• connection and relationships with other partners that help you maximize sales

• community of like-minded advisors and groups

It’s time to stop struggling through daily tasks and diluting the focus you should be placing on clients. Become a UWAG affiliate to enjoy all of the benefits of a larger organization, while maintaining your independence.