Corporate Benefits

Business Planning and Benefit  Strategies:

United Wealth Advisors Group helps companies navigate the complexities of creating a custom corporate benefits program. Our advisors take great care in devising programs that fulfill the unique requirements of each company we serve, providing employers with creatively inspired options. Once designed, UWAG advisors invest time in explaining the corporate benefits, educating each employee so they understand how to maximize the value of each program offered.

Succession Planning:

We understand that the businesses we serve are often the greatest source of our clients’ wealth, and most businesses fail to survive second-generation ownership. A comprehensive, integrated succession plan by UWAG is critical to preserving the founding owners’ legacy.

Selective Executive Retirement Plans:

The retention of key employees is one of the most daunting challenges many companies face. UWAG can design and implement non-qualified and executive bonus plans to not only stem attrition, but to attract key employees.

Retirement Plans:

Through the careful evaluation of investment platforms and the creation of custom plans, UWAG offers financial security for everyone from the newly minted millennial to the aging baby boomer. Our professionals partner with clients and their advisors to implement strategies that optimize benefits, returns, and expenses for:

  • Defined Contribution Plans 401(k), Roth 401(k), 457, and 403(b) Plans
  • Cash Balance Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans

UWAG’s constant support allows for a smooth transition to the new program and ensures sustained optimization throughout—thanks to timely reviews and routine service well after implementation of the plan. Ongoing services include monitoring and employee education programs.

Administrative Group Benefits:

Our ability to see the full range of competitive offerings from providers enables UWAG and our talented strategic partners to create programs ideally suited to each organization’s specific needs. In addition to selective executive benefits, we provide strategies for each common employee group benefit.

We have strategic partners that offer Group Health Benefits and Ancillary Group Insurance.