Karen Leba Baker

Karen Leba Baker

Financial Professional (AFP)

As Karen Baker was growing up, dinner table talk centered around helping people. Her mother was an avid fundraiser; her father and grandfather both accomplished salesmen. Encouraged to go into sales at an early age, she chose a hospitality career instead. Graduating from Cornell University's Hotel School, she began working in America's national parks. It was nearly 20 years later that she got the chance to learn the art of selling.

Beginning in 2002 as a new agent, Karen finally understood how money and insurance work together. She said, “All my life, I heard about the “magic of life insurance'. Suddenly a light bulb went off in my head. Because of this, I am passionate about educating women to make good decisions about their money”, especially so because women make 90% of household financial decisions.

Karen delivered communication and sales training courses in Europe and America, co-authoring a book available on Amazon.com, 23 Innovations in Selling. Everything she learned from her family and her experiences have increased her effectiveness with people. Her unique focus on pleasure in business has distinguished her from her colleagues.

Karen says, “I view business as service, money as a power tool and calling on people as the most delightful way to spend my day. I am fascinated by proper planning. It will impact the rest of your life and generations of your family to come. By selling with integrity, I am making friends for life.”

As third-generation in the insurance industry, she is honored to join the AFP Group and carry on the family legacy alongside her father Gil and sister, Ann.