Steven Ruiz

Steven Ruiz

Financial Advisor

Meet Steven Ruiz.  Most people know him as "Rock".  Born and raised in Algiers, Louisiana, he's been active in the community all his life.  From the Sunshine Club to state government, he's been doing his part to make life better for Louisiana residents.

For over two decades, Rock has helped professionals and their families from New Orleans to Houston, make the most of their financial resources. His retirement planning and wealth management experience can help you bring the power of your resources to the surface and he'll give you the knowledge you need to make informed financial decisions.  Rock's job is all about helping people improve their lives. 

Rock has built a statewide reputation as a financial professional. 

In 1996, he received a gubernatorial appointment to Louisiana's Insurance Rating Commission,  where he served for 11 years.

Rock has helped countless individuals and small businesses develop financial strategies for long-term security and growth. He works in concert with you to develop a personalized wealth management plan designed to achieve your specific goals. His relationship with you is loyal and long-term - he'll be there throughout the years to keep you on track for financial independence.