The UWAG Advantage

Why Should You Work With United Professional Wealth Advisors Group, LLC?

United Wealth Advisors Group, LLC is a firm comprised of wealth management member affiliates and financial professionals. We harness the division of experience amongst our partners, managers, financial professionals and support teams in order to help provide the most suitable advice and services to our clients and customers. We strive to have a common culture, values, systems, processes and vocabulary to achieve our vision- Better Together.

Through our partner affiliates, our financial professionals provide comprehensive wealth management services that help bring clarity, stability and direction to the lives of their clients. By focusing on the client's goals and needs, our financial professionals are able to present customized and actionable wealth management plans. Our Group’s promise is to help clients maximize wealth so that they may help fulfill their dreams, honor their commitments, and ensure their legacy.

We strive to secure the well-being of our clients through the application of appropriate and proven risk management techniques. Because insurance provides certainty in uncertain times, an objective third-party evaluation of risk-based needs is integral for every successful individual or business concern. Experience, knowledge, independence, and a broad base of financial professionals enable UWAG to offer customized options that employ a variety of products, concepts, and carriers.

At our core, we believe we need to know our clients intimately. We desire to know what makes them happy, what motivates them, and what may potentially hold them back from achieving financial independence. We also remain aware of the changes in our clients’ lives to ensure that we adjust our recommendations accordingly. Our goal is to become our clients’ most trusted professional—ready and able to meet whatever challenges arise.

When you choose to work with one of our affiliates, not only do you get the experience of our local team, but you also are partnering with a nationwide team of qualified financial professionals within multiple disciplines. This means that we can offer you the benefits of a national wealth management firm along with the value, commitment and passion of a local business in your community.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to enabling Financial Professionals to do what they do best, help people. UWAG empowers our affiliates to spend more time serving clients. Through a common culture, shared values, and proven systems and processes, our team of experienced professionals takes out the minutia of running a business, and into the joy of seeing their clients succeed.
We are independent but not alone, and are always Better Together.

Our Vision

We are committed to building a community of Financial Professionals working to serve the clients at the highest level. Our systems and processes allow us to provide a consistent client experience from the day the doors open to the day they transfer their business to the next generation. Our Financial Professionals know they are part of a community bigger than themselves allowing them to partner with others while focusing on serving their clients. 

Our Values

Commitment – We are committed to providing a high-level client experience through generations. By facilitating succession plans we help ensure clients are protected now and in the future. 

Consistent – Our systems and processes allow our financial professionals to provide a consistent experience for clients across our network. 

Partnership – We believe no one can be the expert in all things. By partnering with our diverse team of Experienced Professionals, they are able to focus on what they know best while serving their clients regardless of the question. 

Community – UWAG is more than a network. We’re a family. We believe that our community of financial professionals are committed to helping others grow because they genuinely care about each and every member’s success.