Wealth Management Process

This process contains multiple presentation pieces in a modular format.  Some points to consider:

  • You may use this binder in any fashion you wish
  • The entire binder as presented is both a presentation piece (generic version) or a client piece containing specific client information
  • It is modular; you may pick and choose the modules that suit you and/or you may use as a presentation or client specific product
  • Depending on the software you use, feel free to substitute the specific modules illustrated here.
  • If you want to use the LSA models; these will be updated in the UWAG affiliate shared folder as provided by LSA (J. Verges will update)
  • Every quarter we plan to update the charts and these will appear in the shared folder
  • The shared folder contains:
    1. The tabs for each module as presented
    2. Each module in its own file
    3. Any other material we feel will assist you
  • Branding is up to you. Please note while each module in this presentation piece is approved; it is NOT approved for you are your brand.  You must run through RegEd but list that the material has been previously approved
  • If you outline your needs, Jennifer Verges will brand your presentation, but you must have your presentation approved by RegEd before use.

Wealth Management Presentation Sample

Riskalyze: LSA Moderate Growth Sample

Portfolio Review: Fidelity Traditional Performance Sample

Our Current Models: Sample