Wealth Management Stragtegies

United Wealth Advisors Group employs a discovery process prior to the development of each wealth management strategy. Before any wealth management strategy can be created, it is vitally important that we fully understand the unique needs of each client. While experience is important, an ongoing, diligent analysis is essential in this complex, ever-changing world. UWAG provides comprehensive planning in the following areas of wealth management:

Tax Planning Strategies:

The management of your tax rates is critical to maximizing cash flow to provide resources for your wealth management goals. As your tax bracket or income taxes change from now until retirement, we work with you to develop tax planning strategies every step of the way.

Financial Planning:

A financial plan is not a boilerplate report with fancy graphs and pretty pictures. It must encapsulate the key areas of the wealth management process into an integrated plan. It must also have at its core the goals, dreams, and values of you, our client.

Asset Management:

Risk tolerance is of the greatest importance when managing assets. Our professionals go to great lengths to understand and calculate our clients’ needs, then determine what rate of return to target. We fully educate our clients with regard to the risk of the designed portfolio and its asset allocation. This financial literacy will help our clients achieve their goals and not lose perspective in instances like a short-term financial market downturn.

Estate Planning: 

The comfort of knowing that your family’s wealth will pass optimally to the next generation and that your philanthropic goals have been achieved is momentous. We work with your chosen professionals to design a personalized plan and ensure that legal issues and tax consequences are fully understood. We regularly review the plan to ensure that it is compliant with your wishes and current tax law.

Financial Independence:

A stress tested retirement plan is the key to your future financial and personal well-being. Understanding the mathematics is crucial to providing the means of achieving your family’s security. A regular review and update of the plan is imperative to assisting our clients with their goals and dreams.

Cash Flow Planning:

Cash flow planning involves more than budgeting; it involves creating a spending plan based on the incoming cash that is left after expenses are accounted for. While budgeting is important for any business or family household, understanding where your hard-earned income is going is also important. By combining many strategies, we can assist you in forecasting current and future cash flow needs.

Educational Planning:

The cost of education is a major concern of every family. We provide a comprehensive process that allows our clients to establish the financial need and the means of fulfilling a savings plan fit for your family’s educational goals.

By collaborating with independent professionals, such as accountants and attorneys, we help ensure that the advice you receive is integrated with your overall financial plan.

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